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Backing up your data

How to backup data

Backup to the H: Drive

 Make sure you delete old backups off your H drive first or you might run out of room.  Just go to your H drive and right click on the old file and delete it.

 Note – If you have loaded music or videos in My Documents, please do not copy that to the H: drive.  They are large and will fill up the server very quickly.  To Copy everything except my Music.  Click on My Music. Click on Edit, then Invert Selection.  That will copy everything except My Music.  To Copy everything except my Music and My Videos. Click on My Music, hold the CTRL key (bottom left) down and click on My Videos, click on Edit, then Invert Selection.  That will copy everything except My Music and My Videos.

Copy the documents that are important that you have on your desktop (or anywhere else) to My documents.

Then open My Documents
Select All
Copy to Folder
Select your H Drive (the one with your name on it,  You may have to scroll down to see it.  If you do not have an H drive, then you will need to restart your computer and make sure that you are not logged with workstation only checked and that you are logging on as you)
Then click copy
This will copy all that you have selected to your H drive.

You can also do this to any other files or folders on your computer.  Just copy and paste or drag them.  Make sure everything important is on your H drive.

If you want to copy to a flash drive or an external hard drive you would do the same steps but point to the drive letter of your device instead of H.



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