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Program or Computer Hangs

Program or Computer Hangs

If a program hangs up on you and you cannot get it to exit after waiting for a good period of time:
 Press Alt-Ctrl- Del (all 3 keys at the same time)
 Click on Task List
 Click on Applications (tab at top left)
 Find the program that is hung up and click on it
 Click on End Task at the bottom

Sometimes this will take a couple of minutes or you might have to do it a few times

If your computer hangs up and won’t do a thing no matter what:
 Do not throw it out the window
 Press Alt-Ctrl- Del twice (all 3 keys at the same time)
 Your computer should shut down
 If it doesn’t – push in your on/off button on your computer and hold it in until it turns off (should take to about the count of 10)

Turn off your computer and monitor at night (including the on/off button on the monitor)



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