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Viewing Other Peoples Calendars in Groupwise

About Viewing the Calendars of Multiple Users or Resources

About Viewing the Calendars of Multiple Users or Resources
The Multi-User Calendar view lets you see the schedules of several users or resources side-by-side. Use this view to find out what everyone’s schedule is for the day, or find out which of your company’s conference rooms is free at a specific time.
Important: You must have the appropriate Proxy rights for each user or resource in order to include him or her in a Multi-User view. For example, if you do not have Read rights for appointments, you will not be able to see another person's schedule in the Multi-User view.
For each Multi-User view, you need to create a list of the users or resources whose calendars you want to display. The order of names in the list, called a Multi-User List, determines the order in which the calendars display in the Multi-User view.
To add and remove proxy names and rights in your Access List
1. Click Tools > Options.
2. Double-click Security > click the Proxy Access tab.
3. To add a user to the list, type the name in the Name box > when the full name appears, click Add User.
4. Click a user in the Access List.
5. Select the rights you want to give to the user.
6. Repeat Steps 4-5 to assign rights to each user in the Access List.
You can select All User Access in the Access List to assign a default set of rights to all users in the Address Book. For example, if you want all users to have rights to read your mail, you would assign Read rights to All User Access.
7. To delete a user from the Access List, click the user > Remove User.
8. Click OK.
To create a Multi-User Calendar view
You must have the appropriate Proxy rights to add users to a Multi-User List and view their schedules in a Multi-User view.
1. Click Calendar in the Folder List.
2. Right-click the Calendar toolbar > click Properties.
3. Click New > specify a new Name so you can distinguish Multi-User views from one another.
4. Click Multi-User in the View Name drop-down list > click OK twice.
The Multi-User List dialog box displays.
5. If a user or resource you want in the Multi-User view is not listed, click Multi-user. – Add or Remove User
6. Double-click a user or resource > click OK > repeat for each user you want to add.
7. Select the check boxes of the users whose calendars you want to display > click OK.
You can create additional Multi-User views for other groups of users or resources.



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