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Powerschool Training - Powersource

Powerschool Training - Powersource

The District has purchased some online training for Powerschool. I am setting all teachers up so that they have access to it. (Counselors, Principals, Secretaries – this is the same Powersource that I set you up in last year). You will be receiving an email from Pearson Powersource. You will need to click on the links it gives you and setup your login and password. After you have done that you can go to
You will login with your email address and the password you setup. If you forget it, you can click on “Forgot your password” and they will send you an email.
After you get in
Go to Training tab
We have both Mastery in Minutes and Distance Learning.
Mastery in Minutes are short videos – less than 7 minutes
Distance learning videos are hour plus classes.
These are videos so please do not run them at school during regular hours or it will slow down the network.
There are hundreds of trainings available so the easiest way to get the ones specific for teachers is to type in Powerteacher in the search bar.
After that you will see several for Mastery in Minutes and several for Distance Learning
You have to click on the Computer with Distance Learning under it to see those.
I would recommend watching them in this order:
PowerTeacher Portal – this may be a review for many of you
PowerTeacher Gradebook:Getting Started
PowerTeacher Gradebook: Working with Grades
PowerTeacher Gradebook: Analysis and Reporting
The one called Powerteacher Gradebook is the 3 above combined into one and will disappear Sept 1 so don’t bother requesting it.
After you select one, click on request on the right.
It will put it in My Training tab and you can launch it from there.
When doing a class, you can stop at any time and exit, when you come back in it will ask you if you want to resume where you left off.
So after you request them and you come back in at another time:
Click on Training
My Distance Learning
All the ones that you have signed up for will be there.
Mastery in Minutes can be run at anytime. There is a great one called PowerTeacher Gradebook- Copy Assignments. It will show you how to copy your assignments from last year, last semester or from 1 class to another.



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