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United Streaming or Discovery Education

United Streaming or Discovery Education

United Streaming
streaming.discoveryeducation.com – new name

First you must set yourself up as a user.
Go to streaming.discoveryeducation.com on the internet
Go to New Users on right side
You can get your code from the O drive, Documentation, Discovery Education
Type your usercode from above in and then it will ask you to setup your username and password. It can be anything you want, I make mine firstinitial lastname so that it is the same as my groupwise and novelle login.
Fill in all required information.
Click on the box to say that you have read and agree to the terms of use at the bottom before you click continue
You’ll then be taken back to the login in screen and you’ll be able to log on to United Streaming.
A confirmation email message with your user name and password will be sent to you. You’ll want to keep this information in a safe, yet handy place.
When you find a video that you want to play later, download it to your computer or a memory stick or CD. This way it will be ready for you and will run faster. You will see a download icon on the screen. Click on it and then click save and tell it where to save it.
Notice that there are videos, segments, clip art and lots of other resources.
Check out the Educator Network for lots of other info.
Professional Development has training videos on how to use United Streaming. They are short and very good. You can go at your own speed and it will keep track of where you left off. Go to Professional Development on upper right. Go to Interactive Training. Lessons are listed there.



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