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Download Smart Notebook Software

Download Smart Notebook Software

Download Smart Notebook Software
Do NOT download this software during the day or it will bottleneck the network.
Also do not download lesson plans during the day as they are very big.
Go to smarttech.com – Support - Downloads
Smart Notebook collaborative learning software (the first one)
Click on choose a version – 10.8 for windows (Smart Notebook Software)
Download – the first big green one
Fill in all the info about yourself
Click start download
Just click on the following to download and nothing else
You can save to your desktop and then run or just run it. – if in doubt just run it.
* Tech team see note below
It will take awhile to download as it is big (that is why you are not doing this during the day Monday-Friday)
When it runs
Click next
Click I accept and next
Click next
This part is important: Only check the following
Smart Notebook
Smart Product Drivers (if you have a smartboard attached to your computer)
Do not check the other items as we do not own them and they will only cause problems if you download them.
Click on Smart Board Tools – those are nice
Click everything on the gallery Collections
Click next
Click next – unless you want special languages. It defaults to our English
Click install
This will take awhile as it downloads over 5000 gallery items and of course you are not doing this during the day Monday thru Friday.
* you can save the executable to a thunmbdrive and then load it on many computers and save the network from reloading the program every time. It will still have to load the gallery when it installs
License key – You can get this from your Tech Team. You have 30 days to put this in.
You can download this software to as many computers as you want, we have an open license for it. I would not recommend putting it on really slow computers as it is a bit of a hog.



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