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Shrinking Photos

Shrinking photos so you can email them or print them on
school printer.

Right click the photo
Open with Paint
Image (on top)
Change the Stretch Horizontal % and Vertical % until the picture is much smaller
I put in 50% on both and if it is not small enough, I do it again and again until it is
You can also go to Image, Attribute and look to see the size
When the picture is a reasonable size
Click File
Save As
Give it another name if you want to keep the original.
When you right click a picture and look at properties that will show you how big it is.
Anything over 1 MB is going to be very slow to email and to print on our printers.
But if you are sending your pictures to be developed, you want the bigger pixels – they
will give you a better quality picture especially if you are enlarging it.



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  • Jul 22, 2016
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